Considerations when using turbochargers

- Nov 01, 2017 -

As the turbocharger is often at high speed, high temperature work, turbocharger exhaust gas turbine end temperature of 600 ℃, turbocharger rotor to 8000-11000r/min high-speed rotation, so in order to ensure the normal work of turbocharger, use should pay attention to the following points:

Don't leave the car

After the engine is launched, especially in the winter, it should be idle for a period of time, so that the turbocharger rotor before the high-speed operation of lubricating oil fully lubricated bearings. So just start after the throttle must not be blown to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

Do not extinguish immediately

The engine can not be extinguished immediately after a long period of high speed operation. When the engine works, a portion of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and is used for cooling. The running of the engine after a sudden shutdown, the oil pressure quickly dropped to zero, turbocharger turbine parts of the high temperature to the middle, the bearing shell of the heat can not be taken away quickly, while the turbocharger rotor is still under the inertia of high-speed rotation, so if the engine in the state of a sudden shutdown, will cause the engine oil in the turbocharger to overheat and damage the bearings and shafts. Especially to prevent the detonation of a few feet after the throttle suddenly.

Keep clean

Remove the supercharger, to keep clean, the fittings must be used clean cloth plugging good, prevent debris into the supercharger, damage the rotor. Maintenance should be careful not to damage the impeller, if need to replace the impeller, it should do the dynamic balance test. When the reload is complete, remove the blockage.

To clean

Because the supercharger is often at high temperature operation, its lubricating oil pipeline due to high temperature, internal oil easy to have a part of the coking, this will cause the turbocharger bearing lubrication is insufficient and damage. Therefore, the lubricating oil pipeline should be cleaned after running for a period of time.

Pay attention to overhaul

In front of the car, after back, should check the air duct connections, to prevent loose, falling off and caused by turbocharger failure and air short-circuit into the cylinder.

Thus, the engine after pressurization, the components of the structure of the strengthening, from the use, maintenance, we must strengthen the engine compulsory maintenance, attention to the use of the correct method of operation.

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