How to replace the turbocharger of diesel generator

- Nov 01, 2017 -

1. Clean the engine and replace the filter. Put the dirty oil away, with 70% of diesel oil plus 30% of the engine, and start the engine running 3~5min cleaning engine and oil channel, then release. Add in the appropriate amount of oil, run 5~10min and release. Replace the oil filter and air filter, then filter and add the clean lubricating oil to the full scale of the oil gauge, so as to ensure the engine lubricating oil and oil channel clean and clean.

2. Check the turbocharger. Check whether the new turbocharger model is compatible with the engine, rotate the supercharger rotor with the hand, and if the impeller is stagnant or has a feeling of rubbing the shell, it is necessary to find out the cause and then install it.

3. Check the compressor inlet and the turbine front engine exhaust line whether there is debris to prevent debris to break the impeller.

4. Check the supercharger inlet and back tubing road. The supercharger enters the tubing road to be clean, the inlet tubing cannot distort the obstruction. If the supercharger enters the oil mouth to use the gasket, check whether the gasket has corrosion, deformation phenomenon, gaskets can not be blocked into the oil inlet.

5. Pre-lubricating supercharger. Supercharger installed in the engine, not access to the tubing, first from the supercharger into the oil into the supercharger to add clean oil, and rotate the rotor with hand, so that the turbocharger bearing lubricating oil and then connected into the tubing.

6. Commissioning. Starting diesel engine, 3~4s inside Supercharger inlet port must display oil pressure, prevent turbocharger bearing system is damaged due to lack of lubricating oil. Run 2min, check the rotation of the rotor is smooth and silent, and then stop, observe whether the rotor can operate smoothly by inertia, under normal circumstances about half a minute before stopping.

8. When the engine load is running, the oil pressure must be in the 196~392kpa between the safety, idling operation, the oil pressure should not be less than 70kPa.

9. Turbine exhaust back pressure and air filter pressure drop should not exceed 4.9kPa, the air filter should avoid moisture, because the humidity filter will significantly increase the pressure drop.

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