The maintenance error of turbocharger

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Mistake one: Change oil at will

In the "Drink" oil, turbocharger is really more "squeamish", in addition to the volume than ordinary natural inspiratory engine larger, the requirements of the oil is higher. Because the design of turbocharger is different from the natural aspirated engine, the main shaft adopts floating design, the turbine body and the main shaft are filled with oil, the whole main hinge depends on the lubricating oil to heat and lubricate, and the viscous consistency of the inferior oil is higher, the fluidity is poor, can't play a good role. It is suggested that vehicle owners should increase their investment in this area and replace the full synthetic oil with the vehicle.

Mistake Two: to the destination immediately flameout

After the engine has been running high load for a long time, the owner must idle for a few minutes before shutting down the engine, so that the parts can be effectively cooled and lubricated. The car will often be idling at a high speed, and the problem, like a sudden acceleration, will hurt the bearing of the vehicle.

Mistake Three: Start on the accelerator

To improve speed in a short period of time is a major feature of turbo-charged vehicles, but this does not mean that car owners can be rude to the car, in fact, after the start of the explosion throttle easily damage the supercharger oil seal. The turbo-charged engine has a high number of RPM, after starting the vehicle, can not step on the accelerator pedal, should first idle running 3-5 minutes, so that the oil pump has sufficient time to the engine to the turbocharger of the various parts, while the engine oil temperature slowly rising, better liquidity, at this time speed will be "water."

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