Classification Of Piston Rings

- Nov 01, 2017 -

By structure

1. Overall structure: through casting or integral molding process.

2. Assembly ring: A piston ring consisting of two or more two parts in a ring groove.

3. Slotted oil ring: Side parallel, with two contact with the ring shore, and has a return oil hole oil ring.

4. Slotted helical Spring Oil ring: The oil ring of the helical brace spring is added to the slotted oil ring. The spring can increase the radial pressure, and its effect on the inner surface of the ring is equal. Common in diesel engine ring.

5. Steel band Combination oil ring: oil ring formed by the lining ring and two piece scraping ring. The design of the liner ring varies with the production plant, and is common in the gasoline engine ring.

Section shape

Barrel surface ring, cone ring, inner chamfer twist ring, wedge-shaped ring and trapezoidal ring, nose-shaped ring, outer abutment twisted Ring, inner chamfer twist ring, steel belt combination oil ring, reverse angle oil ring, same direction chamfer oil ring, cast iron spiral spring oil ring, steel oil ring, etc.

By material

Cast iron, steel.

By function

The piston ring consists of two kinds of gas ring and oil ring. The role of the air ring is to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder. Prevent the high temperature and high pressure gas from leaking into the crankcase in the cylinder, but also transfer most of the heat from the top of the piston to the cylinder wall, which is then removed by cooling water or air.

The oil ring is used to scrape the excess oil on the wall of the cylinder and apply a uniform oil film on the cylinder wall, which can prevent the engine oil from running into the cylinder and reduce the abrasion and friction resistance of the piston, piston ring and cylinder.

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