Composition And Characteristics Of Reciprocating Piston Compressors

- Nov 01, 2017 -


Reciprocating compressors are mainly composed of three parts: motion mechanism (including crankshaft, bearing, connecting rod, crosshead, pulley or coupling, etc.), working mechanism (including cylinder, piston, valve, etc.), fuselage. In addition, the compressor is equipped with three auxiliary systems: lubrication system, cooling system and adjustment system. The working mechanism is the main part of realizing the compressor working principle. Operation

Piston in the cylinder in the periodic reciprocating movement, the piston and cylinder space (called the work volume) to expand and shrink periodically. When the space expands, the gas in the cylinder expands, the pressure decreases, and the gas is sucked. When the space shrinks, the gases are compressed, the pressure rises, and the gas is discharged. Reciprocating piston, in turn to complete the expansion, suction, compression, exhaust these four processes, always known as a work cycle. When the pressure is high, multilevel compression can be used.


Reciprocating compressors and other types of compressors compared to the following characteristics: 1, a wide range of pressure, from low pressure to high pressure are applicable, 2, high thermal efficiency, 3, adaptability, exhaust can be in a larger range of adjustment. 4, the manufacture of compressor metal material requirements are not harsh. Mechanical design, machining, design software, mechanical engineer, equipment management, welding, hydraulic, casting, sealing, measuring, engineering machinery, powder metallurgy, bearing, gear, pump valve, industrial automation (the disadvantage of this kind of compressor has the appearance size and the weight are big, the structure is complex, the easy damage parts are more, the airflow has the pulsation There is vibration in operation. For medium, low flow and high pressure conditions. At present, reciprocating compressors are mainly piston-type air compressor, and the piston air compressor is now mainly to the pressure and high pressure direction, this is a screw machine, centrifuge can not reach a height.

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