Development Of Foundry Mould Industry In China

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The development of China's foundry mould industry has experienced a hard course until 1976 and is still in a backward state. Since 1977, because of China's machinery, electronics, light industry, instrumentation, transportation and other industrial sectors of the vigorous development of the demand for casting molds more and more, the quality of more and more high demand, the delivery period is shorter. Therefore, caused by the relevant departments of China's casting mold industry attaches great importance to the mold as the "65" and "75" planning key scientific research projects, sent people to study abroad, the introduction of foreign casting mold advanced technology, the formulation of the national standards on casting molds. Through this series of measures, the foundry mold industry has made great progress, and in some technical aspects of the breakthrough. Second, the use of new technology and new materials for the Japanese Isuzu factory manufacturing high-quality Large-scale casting molds, won a good international reputation.

In order to shorten the mold-making cycle and improve the market competitiveness, the mould enterprises adopt high speed cutting technology more and more. HSM is mainly used for large and medium-sized mold processing, such as automotive panels die, die-casting die, large-scale plastic mold surface processing, the surface processing accuracy of up to 0.01mm. In the production of CNC high-speed milling technology, can greatly shorten the tooling time. After high speed milling finishing mold surface, only a little polishing can be used, saving a lot of grinding, polishing time. The increase of CNC high speed milling machine is one of the key points of investment in die enterprise equipment. (3) EDM in casting die manufacturing is an indispensable process. EDM is still an effective scheme for machining deep and small cavities after quenching. (4) The development of precision, complex, large-scale molds, the requirements for testing equipment is more and more high. Now precision mold Precision has reached 2~3μm, casting mold precision requirements also reach 10~20μm. (5) Rapid prototyping manufacturing casting die has entered a practical stage, the application of LOM, SLS and other methods of reliability and technical indicators have reached the same level of foreign products. (6) Rapid manufacturing technology for die blanks. There are mainly dry sand casting, negative compaction mold casting, resin sand solid casting technology.

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