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Genuine GT4082 448375-0011 466741-9048 Turbocharger Turbine Housing for Navistar Specifications: More Details : Description: The turbocharger has four main components. The turbine (almost always a radial turbine) and impeller/compressor wheels are each contained within their own folded conical...

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Product Details

Genuine GT4082 448375-0011 466741-9048 Turbocharger Turbine Housing for Navistar
Turbocharger Housing Specifications:  

Turbo Model


OE Part Number


Fit For Turbo

466741-0048 / 466741-5048 / 466741-9048



Interchangeable P/N

466741-0003 / 466741-0018 / 466741-0033




QT400 / QT450

OE Service


More Turbocharger Housing Details

Turbocharger Housing Description:   
 The turbocharger has four main components. The turbine (almost always a radial turbine) and impeller/compressor wheels are each contained within their own folded conical housing on opposite sides of the third component, the center housing/hub rotating assembly (CHRA).    
 The housing fitted around the compressor impeller and turbine collect and direct the gas flow through the wheels as they spin. The size and shape can dictate some performance characteristics of the overall turbocharger. Often the same basic turbochargerassembly will be available from the manufacturer with multiple housing choices for the turbine and sometimes the compressor cover as well. This allows the designer of the engine system to tailor the compromises between performance, response, and efficiency to application or preference. Twin-scroll designs have two valve-operated exhaust gas inlets, a smaller sharper angled one for quick response and a larger less angled one for peak performance.   
 Tonglint can design, process and produce turbine housings according to clients' drawings and samples.    
 For clients in need of tubrine housings, it is strongly recommended to provide us the model and assembly no. of the complete turbochargers. If you have some special requirements for a certain one, please specify your requests and technical parameters.
Why Tonglint?    
 1. Complete Industry Chain
 Tonglint has its own core industry chain for turbocharger and turbo spare parts.
  - Own factory for complete turbocharger & key turbo spare parts
  - Professional service team to deal with foreign trade business
 2. Variety of Products
 Tonglint has the capability to process over 500,000 kinds of turbo products per year. The main products can cover the most popular makes and applications of cars, trucks, buses, ships and construction machinery.
  - Turbocharger for both automotive cars and diesel trucks or equipments.
  - Service parts (repair kit, thrust bearing, journal bearing, thrust collar, piston ring, seal plate, O ring, gasket, heat shield, oil deflector, etc.)
  - Main components (cartridge, turbine shaft, compressor wheel, bearing housing, turbine housing, compressor housing, actuator, nozzle ring)
 3. Rich Experience
 Tonglint has more than 13 years' experience in developing and manufacturing hundreds of models of products for both aftermarket and OEM. Technicians from R&D department can design, process and produce turbo products per all clients' drawings or samples. 
 4. Credible Quality
 The quality of products depends on the suitability of material, maturity of technology, operating experience of workers, equipment condition, management ability and quality consciousness. Tonglint workshops always process turbo products with high quality material and strictly follow the original prints
 5. Competitive Price
 Since Tonglint has its own industry chain of turbo products, the cost of all the turbo spare parts can be controlled by us,to meet all the customers' demands.
 6. One-stop Service
 Tonglint has its own foreign trade department, including six professional sales. All the staffs have had an internal training focusing on the staff development and career planning, when he/she becomes a member of Tonglint. Tonglint sales can provide customers with the most comprehensive, economic and suitable solutions, to meet their real demands on purchasing at the most.
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